1. The committee shall set an annual subscription for the purpose of membership.
  2. Admission of new members shall be at the discretion of the committee or an admissions sub-committee.
  3. Except where otherwise stated in the Constitution, all decisions of the committee shall, if possible, be made by consensus or if required by a simple majority vote.
  4. Members should not undertake any club hiking activities if: (i) they have any known medical ailment which may impair their ability to participate in club activities or (ii) if they are taking any form of medication that will put their health or the safety of others at risk. If a member is in any doubt on these matters, a doctor should be consulted prior to undertaking any club activity and the hike leader notified.
  5. The committee shall, as far as is practicable, circulate a list of its proposed hikes in advance, among the members.
  6. A leader shall be appointed for each hike.
  7. In the event of a leader not being present, the walking group shall appoint a leader from the group at the commencement of the hike.
  8. The leader of the group shall have the authority to change a proposed hike, in the interest of safety or otherwise.
  9. Any walker leaving a group on their own volition without the consent of the leader will be deemed to have left that walk.
  10. All walkers must have the appropriate footwear and clothing before embarking on any hike. The group leader shall have the authority to prohibit a walker from commencing a hike if they are not appropriately attired.
  11. All club members shall behave in a polite and courteous manner towards others while participating in any Club activities.
  12. Car pooling shall be used where practicable, for economical reasons and to reduce congestion at the start of the hike.
  13. A car pooling fee is encouraged.
  14. The Club has a no pet’s policy.
  15. The Committee has adopted the Leave No Trace policies.
  16. Meetings shall, as far as possible, start on time and not last longer than one hour.