Guidelines for hiking with Swilly Hiking Club during the Covid -19 pandemic.

In addition to Official Government guidelines we ask all club members to comply with the following:

  • All walks will be planned for areas where suitable car parking is available.
  • Car sharing is a matter of personal choice.
  • Two-metre social distancing rule will be complied with at all times (We will be staying “poles apart”)
  • Extra care should be taken at tea stops in order to maintain our “poles apart” rule. Every walker should carry a face mask, at least one pair of latex gloves and some hand sanitiser, as part of their kit.
  • A person showing any signs or symptoms of a cold, flu or general feeling of unwellness should not come on a walk.

Please be aware that the virus still exists. Stay safe and protect other walkers.

Any new person joining Swilly Hiking Club must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.


Please note that while participating in any walk with Swilly Hiking Club you are totally responsible for your own safety.

When walking the safety of both yourself and the group are paramount.

  1. Walkers must obey the walk leader at all times.
  2. Walkers must wear hiking boots (NOT runners or shoes) except on gravel pathways.
  3. Walkers should wear all the necessary clothing appropriate to the hike being undertaken.
  4. Walkers should carry a suitably packed rucksack with the necessary hiking equipment including sufficient food and drink,
  5. In all cases the final decision on participation for any walker lies with the walk leader and his/her decision is final.

It is recommended that you always be prepared to be out for a much longer period than planned. This means that you have: Extra clothing secured in waterproof wrapping, Foil Blanket, First aid kit, Extra food (High energy bars, Choc, Muesli), Water, Torch with spare bulbs and batteries.